Introduction: Bootcovers

I came up with these as a way for my husband to not have to dirty up my floors when he came home for lunch and had no time to remove his boots(a lot of lacing up to do). I used a generic brand of acrylic yarn and a J/6mm hook and half double crochet stitches to make the soles. For the sides it was double crochet stitches done in a pattern of 3 dc space 3 dc all around. I incorporated the elastic by carrying it behind my dc stitches like tapestry working. These fit a man's size 10.



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    I keep old plastic grocery bags by the back door. I slip them over wet boots, or dirt covered garden shoes, and tie them, to go into the house. When I am finished, on my way out, I untie them, or rip them off and throw them away.

    I could do with a couple of pairs of them today! It's snowing and messy out and there will be wet all over the floor from my husband's boots. It's a very good idea, but I would need to "train" my husband to cooperate!

    Those boot covers are the greatest idea. I could have used them years ago.

    These are beautiful!
    I made work slippers by covering my skate inliners with sewn up jean material. They're not as stylish as crocheting--that looks nicely clean and colorful. Word.

    great pics, makes an attractive pair of slipons. keep em coming.

    Cool Slideshow! I hope to see more cool stuff from you! :-)