Picture of Booty Box: Instant Dance Parties

We've all wanted it. Now you can build it. 

Instant dance parties.
Personal theme music. 
Motion activated music.
Booty Box.
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Step 1: Gather Electronics

Picture of Gather Electronics
Wave Shield - Adafruit
Arduino Uno - Adafruit
SD Card - Adafruit
ADXL335 Accelerometer - Sparkfun
Female Headers - Sparkfun
Toggle Switch - Jameco
9V Battery Snap - Jameco
9V Battery - Adafruit

X-Mini Speaker (surprisingly good sound quality for the size) - Amazon 
Web Belt - Most workwear clothing stores

Soldering iron & solder
Wire strippers
Diagonal cutters
3D printer for the case

Step 2: Solder & Test the Wave Shield

Picture of Solder & Test the Wave Shield
First step is to solder the wave shield together. There is already a great tutorial from Adafruit for soldering it together. If you are going to assembling this inside of the 3D printed box, you will have to leave off the black volume control knob. You can still control the volume by twisting the potentiometer, it will just be slightly less convenient. 

In order to program the wave shield you'll need to download the WaveHC library and put it in the libraries folder within the Arduino program files.  

Audio files need to be converted into 22KHz, 16-bit, mono .wav files. If you don't know how to do this, follow this tutorial using either iTunes or Audacity.

My experience with the Wave shield is that it can be fickle. I highly recommend loading a formatted song onto the SD card and testing out this shield with this example. This example should automatically search for any properly formated wave files on the SD card and play the songs all the way through. If it doesn't start playing, check the serial monitor to see what error messages you are getting. If a song starts playing, you are good to go!
If only this was here before the Harlem Shake!
ahoweth2 years ago
Do you have to have a 3D printed box, or is there another box type object you can put this in? I do not own nor do I know of a place where I can use one
ElectricSlim (author)  ahoweth2 years ago
I'm using the box mostly just to attach the electronics to my belt. Radioshack sells project enclosures that come in various sizes. You could probably find one that the electronics could fit into.
itopoid2 years ago
GREAT!!!! Is the accelerometer ADXL345(
I think that it is ADXL335(
ElectricSlim (author)  itopoid2 years ago
Thanks for pointing that out. It is the ADXL335. I'll update it.
yags2 years ago
This is awesome! I really need to make myself a Booty Box!
Sowee2 years ago
Daft Punk, huh? Definetely making one!
Stefniamoo2 years ago
This is the best thing ive seen on here so far.
Im definately going to make this. oh yes indeed. it will be just so much awesomeness.
braxtron2 years ago
Great idea, great execution, best loop. Nice job!
ElectricSlim (author)  braxtron2 years ago
jwkooi2 years ago
LOL! Nice video!
I see as-seen-on-tv exercise product potential. You should market it.

I'll use it to play funk music as I walk down the street! :D

er..looks like its not really responsive. do you think the lag is in whatever youre using for a sensor? accelerometer of some kind?
ElectricSlim (author)  the new voodoo2 years ago
It is using an accelerometer. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to optimize the code but just enough to get the proof of concept running. When you're moving the box in your hand you can get it to start and stop without any lag but dancing sometimes creates a little bit of lag in the shut off.
mikeasaurus2 years ago

I love this project :D