Step 2: Drill hole into Glass

We need to drill a hole in the glass bottle for the power cord. This is actually pretty difficult because if you try to rush it, the bottle has a tendancy to crack, thus forcing you to drink a whole 'nother bottle, which can be bad news when power tools are involved.

First, lay down a layer or two of tape where you will drill. This helps with the whole cracking issue. At this point, there should probably be a warning or two about how broken glass is dangerous and how dumb people ruin things for other (more responsible) people. You have been warned (sort of).

Next pick a spot to drill your hole. I tried to drill the bottom of the bottle but it is a lot thicker glass than it looks and is really hard to do without cracking the whole thing. It is easier to make a hole on the back towards the bottom. Use a small glass drill bit and work your way up to the bigger sizes. Use the Dremel tool to smooth out any sharp edges on the bottle.

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