Step 2: Drill hole into Glass

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We need to drill a hole in the glass bottle for the power cord. This is actually pretty difficult because if you try to rush it, the bottle has a tendancy to crack, thus forcing you to drink a whole 'nother bottle, which can be bad news when power tools are involved.

First, lay down a layer or two of tape where you will drill. This helps with the whole cracking issue. At this point, there should probably be a warning or two about how broken glass is dangerous and how dumb people ruin things for other (more responsible) people. You have been warned (sort of).

Next pick a spot to drill your hole. I tried to drill the bottom of the bottle but it is a lot thicker glass than it looks and is really hard to do without cracking the whole thing. It is easier to make a hole on the back towards the bottom. Use a small glass drill bit and work your way up to the bigger sizes. Use the Dremel tool to smooth out any sharp edges on the bottle.
armored bore3 months ago

"...if you try to rush it, the bottle has a tendancy to crack, thus forcing you to drink a whole 'nother bottle..."

It's a dirty job, but SOMEONE'S gotta do it *swig*

jʎɐɹ-ɾ1 year ago

You could drill the hole in the bottom of the bottle so the cord is more hidden.

If you put the cord through the bottom, the bottle will not sit flat on the table (unless there is a hole drilled int the table for the cord to run through to be plugged in that the bottle can sit atop. In which case, ignore my comment entirely). Because, you see, when the cord comes out of the bottom of the bottle it has to then be laid across the table to go to the outlet. the bottle would be then sitting ON the cord on one side, tipping the lamp and making it no longer very useful. Your only option at this point is to glue the bottle to some sort of "riser" that has spaces for the cord to come out, and that just adds an entirely unnecessary level of work if you'd just drill in the back of the bottle instead.



In the Instructable, OP has a base for the bottle anyway, where I would route a space for the cord. But of you didn't have a base, it would make more sense to drill out the side as you say.

no,, thats why he stated the issue with doing that.. its thicker and cracks easier and well, just read the whole article next time lol;)