Have you always wanted that secreted stash of booze at the ready, or do you have a friend that could use a fun gag gift?  Here's an idea.

ps- this is my first attempt at this project.  I feel there are better ways to make the final outcome look cleaner, but this was my process.

Step 1: Things You Might Need.

-exacto knife (I like Olfa - and if you get a style with the break away blade bits, you can get several uses from one blade)
-glue (paper glue of some variety)
-sticky felt
-a marker
-the bottle of choice (featured here is soju, because it was tiny and I had a very hard time finding a small flask in South Korea)
-your hard cover book of choice (if I had searched a little longer I would've preferred a zipper covered bible, but i fell back on a boxed bible. . . might I also suggest any hardcover by Dickens.)

Step 2: Measure Before You Cut.

Trace the bottle onto the first page you want to cut.

It's important to note that the bottle should have a more shallow depth than the book you plan to use.

Otherwise your book may appear pregnant, or very proud.

Step 3: Get a Cuttin'

Start cutting. 

It was my intention to time how long it took me to get through the whole book. . . approximately it took about 2.5 hours, and my fingers were pretty cramped from holding the knife.

Here is where my expertise takes a nap.

The pages of a bible are particularly thin.  It would've been neater to keep them all stacked and to keep cutting, but the old pages got in the way of making clean knife passes.

I tried gluing some pages together, it seemed to help a little, but not all the time.

While holding the book open the spine shifts which may cause your bottle shape to drift as well.

Step 4: The Final Cut

So, it isn't quite as clean as I had hoped, and the bottle shape drifts toward the spine the closer you get to the back of the book. . . . but for a gag gift- not bad.

Step 5: The Cover Up

Cut a few strips of the sticky felt a little taller than the hole made.

Place the strip as carefully as you can.  In the corners you may have to make cuts to avoid bunching and stretching.

Step 6: Finish Up

Cut another piece of sticky felt in the shape of the bottle.

(you can use a page from the book as a form to follow)

Place in the bottom of the hole.

Place bottle and place in box.

Step 7: Enjoy.

Your Instructable reminds me of a story about a man who was offered a New Testament.&nbsp; He told the one offering it he would only use its pages as papers to roll cigarettes.&nbsp; The man making the offer said that was fine, as long as the recipient would promise to read each page before he rolled and smoked it.&nbsp; He agreed.&nbsp; Before he had finished the Gospel of John, he had become a believer in Jesus.&nbsp; I think he looked for another source of cigarette papers then.&nbsp; <br />
holy rolling papers batman!&nbsp; that's what i could've used all those cut out pages for. . . . sadly, opportunity missed.&nbsp; thanks for the idea!&nbsp; perhaps next time.&nbsp; <br />
I would suggest using &quot;Dreams From My Father&quot;. It's thick, filled with hundreds of pages and doesn't actually say anything of value. Turning it into this could actually make it useful! As a bonus, you won't ever have to worry about somebody accidentally finding your stash because it's not like anybody is ever actually going to READ it, now are they?<br />
;-)<br />
It's been a while, but I think I have to read that book again!

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