Introduction: Borderlands Psycho Mask

Picture of Borderlands Psycho Mask

Here ill show you a quick Instruction to Build a Psycho Maske out of Paper.

Step 1: Pepakura'n Stuff

Picture of Pepakura'n Stuff

First, you need the "Pepakura Viewer"
You can download it on the Original Site:

Then go to this Site and Download the .pdo Pepakura from "botman" and open it.
(At this Point, Thanks to Botman)

Step 2: Printing and Cutting

Picture of Printing and Cutting

Now print it on heavyweight Paper (it will make your Mask stronger against Mother Nature)

Now THIS is time consuming.
Cut every Piece out.

Be gentle.

Step 3: Glue It! (Pepakura Viewer Helps How)

Picture of Glue It! (Pepakura Viewer Helps How)

Know you need to Glue the Right Part to its Counterpart.
Open Pepakura Viewer and .pdo again.

If you go over it, a Red Line will show where you need to glue this Part.

This Screenshot should say more then needed...

Step 4: Finish Him!

Picture of Finish Him!

Just Glue and Glue and Glue it :)
It takes his Final Form! O:

I recommend making little Holes in the Eye Part to see trough it :)
(Botman says the same :D)

Step 5: BE PSYCHO!

Picture of BE PSYCHO!

Last step:



tcolo'n (author)2014-09-28

I used a nylon strap from Walmart, and a clip for it. That there is just the pepakura. I've got to find some lenses and of course some fiberglass matting (I'm always out when I need it, haha!)

Hirntod (author)tcolo'n2014-09-29

i mean if you want to try to put lenses in :)

Hirntod (author)tcolo'n2014-09-29

Nice, i like! :D
You could try to install some LEDs.

tcolo'n (author)2014-09-28

Loving it! Though, I might add on fiberglass and tinted lenses might work out on the eyes. I'm indecisive cause it already looks excellent and I'm too scared I'll mess it up, haha!

Hirntod (author)tcolo'n2014-09-28

And dont worry, do whatever you want, cause if you would wear it too long, it could fall apart because of your breath.
Its just going wet :/

Hirntod (author)tcolo'n2014-09-28

Can I See a Picture oft your Work?

Hirntod (author)2014-02-19

Btw. forgot to mention.
Just use a Rubberband to Hold it on ur Face.
You can use a Beltstrap or whatever you like too :)

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