This years halloween costume. The mask is made from model magic clay and a cpu fan. The lights where controlled by a hidden toggle switch by the chin and the leather straps are made from belts. The mask looks like it is cracking in the photos but that is the layer of plastidip over the top, which I added both to protect and give it a distressed look.

I don't have enough photos for a step by step but if anyone wants one I will type one up.
instructions! fantastic build
<p>Instructions are up! Sorry it took so long.<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Borderlands-Psycho-Mask/</p>
Thanks! I will put up the instructions in the new year.
if you can. email me the instructions at mjhammittjr@gmail.com
Wow. This is amazing. I would buy that.
I would love some step by step directions. this is amazing.
Very sick man! And this game is awesome, one of my favs.

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