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Introduction: Borg Eyepiece Mask

This Borg eyepiece mask was made to wear on a science fiction themed party. It was made out of black foam rubber sheet and a “running LEDs” kit. Additional material where three 1,5V button cells, a switch, single stranded wires, solder, hotmelt glue, superglue, black spray paint, some duct tape and Velcro. Tools used were a soldering iron, cutting pliers, hotmelt glue gun, scissors and a hobby knife.

As Borg are bald I shaved my head (not a big deal for me), but I didn’t want to shave my moustache (a big deal for me). I decided to keep things simple and went for bands keeping the eye “implant” in place and having one of them cover my moustache.
The “running LEDs” kit was hacked by connecting the LEDs to the printed circuit board with 15cm long wires. I added a switch and connected the three 1,5V button cells with Duct Tape (similar to LED Throwies, but with three batteries piled in series).

After making a simple foam rubber eyepiece I could look through (planning on wearing it all night, I wanted to be able to see through both my eyes). The LEDs were glued around it with hotmelt glue. I kept the circuit running to see which LED had to be put on next to keep the circular “movement” (although another pattern could have been nice too). When all LEDS were in place I added another layer of foam rubber around them.

If you like this project, check out this other Borg project (and vote for that full step-by-step Ible in the Halloween Props Contest).



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    Nice! Just don't assimilate anybody! ;)

    I thought about adding something like this to my "Locutus of Borg" costume. Hmm.....