How I converted a non-functional 1940's radio to house my Bose Sound Dock

Step 1: Get Old Radio...

I have a Bose Sound Dock, which plays the music from an iPod. I also have a farmhouse that dates to the Civil War. My wife and I decided to decorate in period, and keep the rooms looking 'old'. She is an antique dealer, and came across a 1940's tube radio that did not work.

I decided to modify the radio case to accommodate the Bose Sound Dock. First, I pulled the three knobs off of the front.
Bows his head in silence for another old radio, not destroyed per say but ruined by lack of interest. Not to say it is a bad idea but since these radios are getting harder and harder to find I think they should be preserved. I need to do an instructable on bringing an old radio back to life and cleaning it up. If you want it to play your ipod use a modulator to transmit the signal from the ipod to the radio and have it sound authentic.
I agree ... <br> <br>I am in the vintage bussines and I come accros loads of cool radios <br>from different times. I am hoping to find a way to integrate/play an Mp3 <br>connection without ruining, let's call it, the integrity of the device. <br> <br>By this I mean maybe adding an amplifier with radio/mp3. Most devises <br>have plenty of room left inside. <br> <br>Is this just a stupid idea or not ... how do I start up a thing like this. I <br>believe I can save quite some old(er) radio's from the dump .... <br> <br>Would love to know what you guys think .... <br>D.
I agree 100%
what a waste!<br />
The Horrors! Sacrilege!
lol affordable easy rear entrance hahahah thats funny
haha, cool, looks easy

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