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The Bose Companion 5 speaker system (a sub-woofer, a left speaker and a right speaker) is meant to be used on a computer desk so the cables are pretty short. I wanted to place them on bookshelves further away from the sub-woofer but Bose does not sell extension cables and I didn't want to cut the original cables when extending them.

Each speaker is connected by a cable that has 4 wires inside the cable sleeve and it so happens that each of the 4 wire perfectly fits a standard breadboard wire (a male breadboard jumper wire to the speaker end and a female breadboard jumper wire to the sub-woofer end).

Step 1: Parts

To make an extension cable you will need:

1) A long network cable with 8 wires inside the cable. Or any other appropriate cable you can find.

2) 8 male-male breadboard jumper wires, can be purchased here, for $2.

3) 8 female-female breadboard wires, can be purchased here, for $2.

4) Soldering iron and lead

5) Electric Insulation tape

Step 2: Build

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1) Cut the network cables heads off.

2) Cut away 1.5 inches off the network cable sleeve to expose the 8 multi colored wires.

3) Strip the 8 wires of the network cable on both ends (i use a pair of scissors with gentle pressure and twisting)

4) Remove the plastic clips from both ends of the 8 female-female breadboard jumper wires (there is a little clip you can lift up)

5) Remove the plastics clip from one end of the 8 male-male breadboard jumper wires.

6) Solder the male-male jumper-wires to one end of the network cable and the female-female jumper-wire to the other end of the network cable. Tip: when soldering, fit the network wires inside the metal clips of the the jumperwires.

IMPORTANT: Make a note of the colors! You want to have the same color jumper-wires on both ends of the network cable.

Example: Blue Female Jumper -- Blue Network Cable -- Blue Male Jumper

Grey Female Jumper - Blue/White Network Cable - Grey Male Jumper

7) Using Electric Insulation Tape, tape all the soldered parts.

8) Attach the male jumper wires into the speakers and tape down.

IMPORTANT: make a note of where you plug them in so as to match it to the correct place in the sub-woofer.

9) Attach the female jumper-wires into the sub-woofer.

10) Tape down the network cable so the ends don't accidentally get pulled out.


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simon.delarue made it! (author)2017-09-29

I made this, this was a really useful guide. I just made a few adjustments. I used heat shrink instead of electric insulation tape to cover all the soldered parts. I think it's sturdier. I used a UTP extender block on the back of the sub-woofer and kept the UTP connectors on the UTP cable. I have a short cable that connects the extender with the sub-woofer connections. And a long one that connects the speakers to the UTP extender. That way, if I'm cleaning, I Can just unplug the long UTP, power,... en lift the sub-woofer up with ease, instead of having to disconnect all the wires every time.Thx for the guide!!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-05

Nice mod

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