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PET is a type of plastic used for making bottles for different drinks. After using a bottle is necessary to recycle or converted. An excellent example of conversion of plastic bottle designed by the Austrian designer Zitta Schnitt: from the bottom of plastic bottles produced a purse!

Step 1: Materials, tools and accessories

Picture of Materials, tools and accessories

Plastic (PET) bottles (for making purses requires two plastic bottles. Showed Fri pouch is made from the bottom of two bottles of capacity 1.5 l. The remaining Dispose of plastic bottle recycling.)
-Needle and thread
-sharp knife
-A template for drilling holes
-Scotch tape
dr_peru7 months ago


So cool! I have to make this...
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Great idea, 5 stars!
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Very good idea and explained with clear pictures. thanks for sharing!
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This one goes in the favs
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Nice, and nicer with a bigger first image.
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great idea to reuse bottles!
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Hmmmmmm... Looks misteriously like something from an issue of MAKE Magazine I have...
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great idea! hooray!
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COOLIO bro nice to know (bottle btw) :D
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this thing needs two speakers and you have a portable sterio saund system, I would call it bottle bass :D
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I think you meant "Bottle Case"
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Looks super cool! very futeristic! Good use of recycle!
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Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!
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There are some English errors, but you did a good enough job that it is still very understandable. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it! :)