Step 7: 5th Prišijte Smičak ;o)

For sewing zipper prepare solid thread, because I had just an ordinary thread, I have used four or end.
<p>I will make this today! Great idea! Thanks for posting!</p>
So cool! I have to make this...
creative!!! <br>http://web.stagram.com/n/anamerari/
Great idea, 5 stars!
Very good idea and explained with clear pictures. thanks for sharing!
This one goes in the favs
Nice, and nicer with a bigger first image.
great idea to reuse bottles!
Hmmmmmm... Looks misteriously like something from an issue of MAKE Magazine I have...
great idea! hooray!
hi <br>very good idea! thanks!
<strong>COOLIO<em> bro nice to know</em> (bottle btw)</strong> :D
this thing needs two speakers and you have a portable sterio saund system, I would call it bottle bass :D
I think you meant "Bottle Case"
Looks super cool! very futeristic! Good use of recycle!
Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!
There are some English errors, but you did a good enough job that it is still very understandable. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it! :)

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