Bottle Behind Bars





Introduction: Bottle Behind Bars

Me and my brother wanted to give our father a cool 50th birthday present.

We knew that he love whisky and why don´t do some fun with it.

Step 1: Cutting, Grinding and Drilling

We ordered 1,5m screwed wrought iron and 2 120x120x12mm iron plates. Then cut the screwed iron i 4 350mm and saw the iron plates in 90x90mm. After that we drilled 4 12mm holes in the iron plates, we measured the holes whit the bottle. Then we grind the screwed iron 10mm and 35mm so it would fit in to the iron plate.

Step 2: CNC Engraving

Lucky me I have a CNC machine that did the engravings. If you do not have a CNC it could be very cool to just do a big weld as a number or a name.

Step 3: Mounting and Welding

We welded the 10mm grind edge of the screwed iron in the bottom plate and the grind it to a smooth bottom.

After that we placed the whisky bottle behind bars and weld the lid on :)

Step 4: The Finish

This is what it look like. It´s heavy... I am a little disappointed at my weldings at the top not the best I have done... I was so afraid that the bottle could crack.

If I do this one more time I would give the welding a little more touch.. Or... tap the screwed iron so that a dome nut could fit, then I don´t have to weld the top and it would be easier to open :)

I hope you like it!



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    The least you could do is some nice welds on the top.