Introduction: Bottle Bombs

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Fun and fairly safe bombs, with easy to get ingredients.

Step 1: Get the Ingredients

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I got everything for a dollar at Piggly Wiggly But almost any store should have these.

Baking Soda
Box of Tissues
Any bottle with a screw on lid

Step 2: Vinegar

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The amount of vinegar in the bottle takes a important role in the bomb, mainly the type of explosion so you want to get just the right amount, I fill it up with about one filth vinegar, but whatever feels good for you.

Step 3: Baking Soda

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The amount of Baking Soda is also important, if you put to much the lid will pop off (which is lame) if you don't put in enough it will either take a really long time to blow up or it wont blow up at all, put three or four table spoons of Baking Powder on the middle of the tissue and even it out. Then roll it up, it doesn't have to be extremely tight, just tight enough to fit in the bottle.

Step 4: The Fun Part

Now drop the Baking Soda roll into the bottle and quickly screw on the lid, and then shake it for a few seconds and throw it onto a hard flat place.


justinleemhuis (author)2009-04-01

The works toilet bowl cleaner combined with aluminum foil and shaken then thrown is pretty sweet

ghicken (author)justinleemhuis2015-08-27

While it may be 'sweet', it's highly more dangerous and probably illegal. I haven't made one and wouldn't recommend that anyone else does.

also called a drano bomb, it is not as safe. the reaction between the drano and aluminum foil is exothermic, meaning it gives off heat. when they explode, the aluminum flys everywhere and can burn your skin.

zrocker (author)Vulcanator2009-04-25

it is also called an amish bomb

Prof I.tiki (author)2009-05-15

I have done this loads of times (its not new)

ghicken (author)Prof I.tiki2015-08-27

True, at the time I just thought the existing instructables were of low quality. Considering the feedback I've gotten from this instructable, I think that opinion was accurate.

pajama sam (author)2007-09-25

yo be really carefull doing this!!! I did it back in June and it exploded in my hand. I had to get 14 stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is actually a real pic of my hand

ghicken (author)pajama sam2015-08-27

Sorry about that man, my condolences. I was very young (11) when I made this Instructable and did not consider that injuries like that could result from it.

My friend had a bottle explode in the same position in his hand, which apparently was not nearly as powerful as yours as he had a small cut but nothing even close to yours, his just needed a band-aid. A few other times, friends had close calls but no injuries so I guess I just got accustomed the concept that it wouldn't hurt you if you used the right amount, timing, and surface. But I suppose that's easier said than done,

In retrospect I would have stressed more that you should:

1. If you don't have really good sense of timing with this type of thing (i.e. you haven't done it many times with the same type of bottle and soda/vinegar amount), throw the bottle well before you think it will explode. It may take a while, but as long as you put enough baking soda and vinegar in it, the bottle will explode on its own without being thrown, which in a way is cooler. But If it's been more than 30 minutes or so and nothing has happened, you have a few options:

1.a. Don't approach the bottle, it could go off the moment your fingers are wrapped around it.

1.b. Try initiating the explosion by doing things like throwing large rocks at it from a safe distance. If you legally own a gun and the bottle is in an area you're allowed to shoot it, just shoot the bottle. I've done this in rural areas with dry ice bottle bombs and shooting them was a blast.

1c. I haven't done this (baking soda/vinegar bombs) in 7 years, but I recall that if you leave a live bottle, it will slowly leak to a safe pressure. So make sure you do this in a place where no one else will go.

2. When you're shaking it, for the first few seconds shake it hard with your hand to mix it up, but using as loose a grip as possible just in case it pops early.

Then let go of it and continue shaking it with either kitchen tongs or "Round Kitchen Pincers", something which I can only find in online shops in Asia. It's such a simple tool though that I feel like you could find it locally however.

Big Bubba (author)pajama sam2008-02-16

DANG!!! I question it of being a fairly safe bomb now...

couchpotato130 (author)2013-08-12

we call it the works bomb cus u can use the works toilet cleaner and foil

awsome (author)2008-03-18

I would pay anyone to develope an "exploding bottle" without using vinigar/baking soda.

knoxarama (author)awsome2009-05-30

use little balls of aluminum and fill it up to 1\7 of the bottle with them. then you add 'the works' or any other toilet cleaner, shake, make sure its air tight, and watch it explode. noted, the gasses flooding out from the bomb is a whole lot of hydrogen. it came from the reaction between aluminum and the fluids. the bottle also becomes very hot.

jeffcj (author)knoxarama2012-02-20

This is very dangerous and should NOT be experimented with. People have lost fingers and have gotten bad burns doing this. You can also get into SERIOUS trouble if you hurt someone with one of these.

Check out

iamlopainus (author)knoxarama2009-09-19

toilet cleaner or just muriatic acid, which is the same thing, hydrochloric acid

ghicken (author)awsome2008-03-18

You could also use dry ice and water, chlorine and rubbing alcohol, or the works and tinfoil.

awsome (author)ghicken2008-03-19

Umm...something a tiny less dangerouse.

Everett_McKinley (author)awsome2011-05-06


Big Bwana (author)ghicken2008-06-19

Well if your going to be crazy why not just use Nitric acid and glycerin... Or for that matter liquid methane and fluorine ( this one is so sensitive, bright lights will trigger it, so you might want to use a dark bottle )

pain_expert_rob (author)awsome2010-11-15

The Works and tin foil balls into a bottle look it up... look up The works bomb

bop96 (author)awsome2008-04-25

all you have to do is put "The Works" (toilet bowl cleaner)in a bottle then wad foil up (that will fit in the bottle) then put the foil in the bottle and screw the cap on. it takes 2-3 min.but it makes a bigger boom

The 4th Doctor (author)bop962009-02-21

That makes hydrogen gas right? so do that near a small fire for a fiery explosion!!

I have never tried this, but from what you said, this is what I would do...
I would plant a sparkler a few inches down wind of the bomb (Where the white cloud travels) Then I pour it in and cap it.

solux (author)The 4th Doctor2009-05-29

Supposed to make a weak to mild acid too. Illegal in some parts of Kentucky .

M4industries (author)bop962009-05-30

HCL at pool supplies stores is a much better substitute.

lance mc (author)awsome2009-09-21

dry ice is loud 2L- bottle, water, and dry ice big bomb pay me ha ha

El Mano (author)awsome2009-05-02

They're called "Dry-Ice-Bombs". You can replace vinegar and baking soda with water and lots of Alkaseltzer (Alcaseltser?, Alcaseltzer?) and/or fizzy bathbombs. Also, I've read that making a Coke-and-Mentos prank bottle, replacing a Mento with a chlorine tablet and the Coke with a little bit of gasoline, makes quite the bomb.

The Red Button (author)El Mano2009-06-03

no. a dry ice bomb uses dry ice. this is works bomb. bit different. i hear the works bomb can burn/melt you.

redb1rd (author)awsome2008-04-20

Hey u know what I already have!! It's a little thing called dry ice + water in bottle.

yeerk21 (author)redb1rd2008-08-16


ladiesman247 (author)awsome2008-04-03

get a bottle and put sparklers inside them about 10-20 sparklers. and light them and hurry up and screw on the bottle cap,before all spark is gone. adn it explodes. now you were saying. money?1 eh..... lol! heh (im 12 btw) k that was kinda random

yah i jsut found that out... waht do i do?

also, it will melt the bottle

that would be a sparkler bomb. look it up on youtube. your making it wrong.

awsome (author)ladiesman2472008-04-07

sorry...I'm broke(for now anyways) But, how would you fit 10-20 sparklers in 1 bottle.and could you substitute the sparklers?they outlawed fireworks where im from.

ladiesman247 (author)awsome2008-04-14

erm... srry dude thts the only way i hav dun it! i dont really no an other way. btw.... im 12 s o i dont really no ,much about thsi and am jsut beginning to take an interest

awsome (author)ladiesman2472008-04-15

OK...Sparklers don't they?

ladiesman247 (author)awsome2008-04-16

no not really. but bcus of all the gases and stuff make the bottle expand so much the bottle cant take it, so it explodes and goes BOOM!

ghicken (author)awsome2008-04-14

If you use the smoke bomb recipe ( Here ) just with different amounts you get a good explosion , I used 200 grams saltpeter and 80 sugar.

em after u put the lid on after u put the sparklers on on i suggest u throw unless you want to donate a hand to heaven! (or hell) lol

monkeywithawrench (author)awsome2008-04-18
take a 2 leter coke bottle and brake up and squish small dry ice chunks through the opening. when your ready to set it off put about 1 teaspoon of water in it and close the lid QUICKLY!!! you can throw it or just set it down. BUT MAKE SHURE TO RUN. OH YEA, YOU MIGHT WANT TO COVER YOUR EARS. ITS LOUD. watch this video first. its important if you want to keep your fingers!
ps. i didnt make this video. i haven't recorded any of mine

yah right that soudn for the first bomb.sounds fake.... liek one of those BOOM!!! 's in wsar movis by tanks....

monkeywithawrench (author)awsome2008-04-18

how about a dry ice bomb? its cheeper and more powerful than a drano bomb. the one madhops0620 is reffering to is called a drano bomb because they were originally made the same way, but you would use Drano brand pipe cleaner and pipe uncloger. the Drano was stronger that "the works" brand stuff. try a dry ice bomb.

madhops0620 (author)awsome2008-04-03

If you take scraps of tin foil and put them in the bottle so it covers approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottom, and then take "the works" brand toilet bowl cleaner and put it in the bottle and cap it, it will make a HUGE explosion it jakes take 3 or 4 minutes to go. What happns is that a chemical reaction takes place and it forms a gas and it gets hot so it will turn white and bubble up right before it explodes

awsome (author)madhops06202008-04-07

so is this one good for throwing or just plop it down and run?

madhops0620 (author)awsome2008-04-07

ive only ever sat it down and watched. Theres so much pressure though and it gets so hot that i wouldnt weanna through it in case it went off in my hand. Or if youre talking about throwing like in this one then i still wouldnt want to becausethe chemicals can burn your skin if theyre on their for awhile but its fine if u just get a little on you and wipe it off

it forms hydrogen gas. is you do that and put a big balloon over it, you can fill the balloon with hydrogen. leave the balloon duck-taped to the bottle, it gets huge, but if your careful it won't pop. tie nylon string to it and run. its more fun that way because you get a HUGE fireball!!!! also the liquid left in the bottle is acid and WILL kill grass. your parents will get Pist Off!!!

awsome (author)madhops06202008-04-10

That happend to my friend...It hurts to be burned.

its far more powerful than a baking soda bomb, it you get a strong bottle.

emanelk (author)2011-01-11

insead of using baking soda and vinagar, i use tinfoil and hydrochloric acid (75%-100%) it works A LOT better, and no tissue needed

ilpug (author)emanelk2011-10-11

that is a felony.

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