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Introduction: (Bottle) Boot Shapers

About: ...after 30 years of becoming corporately numb, my dreams of not working (for pay) and instead creating with my hands has become a reality. Life is grand!

This instructable allows a sad discarded water bottle to find happiness with a lonely old boot.

While boot shapers are made specifically to help maintain the support required for stored boots, they can get expensive - - especially if your collection is as large as mine!

Step 1: Gather Up All Unloved Cowboy Boots

Rather than allowing your boots to lose their shape and make a mess of precious storage space, it is a good idea to put something inside the boot shaft.

Step 2: Introduce Them to Recycled Water Bottles and Watch What Happens!

By inserting a clean plastic bottle inside the boot shaft, your boots will maintain their shape and appear organized.

WARNING: Under this special relationship, boots and bottles have been known to gain back their self respect, reproduce and finish out their final days as tacky western decor!



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native american coloradoan here. as in cowboys and indians! imagine my dillema!!! lol i have an overabundance of plastic bags and i use them to stuff my many boots and that includes the foot/sole part also. the size is then adjustable to the style of the boot. hope u all can use this tip. makes me feel so good when i do it and im always passing the tip on!!! thanks for the opportunity. kalyna

Hi! Just a standard 500ml water bottle? Marilize - South Africa

What a terrific idea!

Should i even ask why you have so many cowboy boots. Good idea though.

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If you don't, I will... Why do you have so many boots? Oh wait, author's a female from Colorado... Nevermind.

Hey, most of us Coloradans aren't that bad. (looks at own hat, boots, and box of belt buckles)... ... ... maybe this one is.

To answer everyone's inquiries - these are not a woman's personal footwear collection (that would be me tho!). This is part of the room decor of a western theme room - all hand-done and it's fabulous! From friend of kcli

So much better than finding "stuff" to stuff the boots! Most clever as always.

May i has your booties pleases

Beautiful display and fabulous idea, thanks for sharing!!


Yee-haw as they say at "The Last Resort" in Sedalia, Colorado!