Introduction: Bottle Candy Dispenser

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a Skittle/M&Ms Bottle Dispenser with everyday items.

Step 1: Parts

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To make this awesome bottle candy dispenser you will need the following:

  • Plastic Bottle ( I used a Sparkling Ice bottle )
  • Cardboard
  • Cheap Pen ( Pen, any pen that you can take apart and is cuttable )
  • Water Bottle Cap (separate from the cap that came with the Sparkling Ice bottle)
  • Hot Glue Gun ( with glue )
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Dry Erase Marker

(Please wash out the bottle and carefully remove the label)

Step 2: Draw a Line

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Draw a line across the bottle approximately 4" down from the top of the bottle.

Step 3: Cut

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Cut along the line

Step 4: Cut (again)

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Cut off about 3-4" from the bottom half of the bottle.

Step 5: Cardboard

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Trace the bottle onto the cardboard. Then cut it out.

Step 6: Skittle Hole

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Trace the cap onto the cardboard, then trace a slightly small circle inside it. Then draw a skittle sized circle next to that circle. The cut out the skittle sized hole, it has to be a little bit bigger then a skittle. If you find those instructions confusing, just copy the pictures. (The cardboard I was using was white on one side and brown on the other.)

Step 7: Skittle Dispenser

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Take one cap and cut around the edges until you can fit it through the external thread, then take apart pen so you have just the outer body. Cut down the pen body until it's a little less than 4". Hot glue the shaft as far to the side (so it's offset) without going past the inner circle in the cap. Then glue the cap that is cut out to the other end of the shaft, offset it in the same direction as the other side so you have the both caps as far as possible while still being parallel.

Step 8: Assembly (Part 1)

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Insert the dispenser assembly into the top half and tighten the cap, then insert the cardboard into the bottle so the cap on the shaft blocks the hole in the cardboard. Hot glue the cardboard and use the nozzle to warp the edge of the plastic bottle so it fits in the other half better.

Step 9: Cut

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Take the extra plastic from when you cut the bottle the first time, trace the bottle into the plastic and cut it out so you have a potato chip shaped piece of plastic. Then cut a square in the bottom of the bottle where I have, leaving the bottom edge intact to fold over and hot glue the potato chip shaped piece to when you drop a skittle above the bottom half, it funnels it to the square shaped hole.

Step 10: Final Assembly

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Put the top and bottom half of the bottle together so the skittle shaped hole in the cardboard in the furthest from the hole in the bottom half. You can cut down the label and put it back on the bottle if you want.


mrsmerwin (author)2017-08-28

How do you fill the dispenser?

CV03 (author)mrsmerwin2017-08-28

After you finish assembling the dispenser you can unscrew the bottle cap and shaft, and pull it out. Make sure you fill it on its side or all the skittles would just fall out the hole in the cardboard.

mrsmerwin (author)CV032017-08-28

I was thinking that if you dropped them from the top, they would spill out the hole. Plus it would be difficult to to get the shaft in with the candy in the way. Maybe you could put a fill hole near the bottle cap.

CV03 (author)mrsmerwin2017-08-28

You could also take it apart and insert the skittes into the hole in the cardbord.

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