This is a project I wanted to do for a long time!  I have a friend who is friends with a bartender who hooked me up with a large amount of the bottle caps shown.  This would be the best route to go for someone who does not want to drink a lot of beverages.  However I made sure I included all the Grain belt caps which came from a memorable night.  Some of the bottle caps came from craft and local beers which can be more interesting in design.  The cabinet/table was purchased at Salvation Army for about 12 dollars.  The hexagon shape is aesthetically appealing so I would look for something different.  This project was the first time I have ever used any high gloss finish so I had some challenges.  

Step 1: Sort Your Bottle Caps

Take the time to sort out all your bottle caps.  I made my decisions for my design based on the amount of certain types of bottle caps I had.  
Cool, you should put the picture of the finished cabinet first.

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