Picture of Bottle Cap Disc Golf Pins
Do you like Disc Golf? Do you like drinking beer or other things that have bottle caps on them?  Then this game's for you
Introducing Bottle cap golf (I made it myself, Yay!!) learn how to Make a mini 9-hole course for about 10 to 20 bucks.

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Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need

Can opener
Dremel with metal cut-off blades or a pair of tin snips
1/4 inch drill bit
1/16 inch drill bit
small wrench or pair of pliers
razor blade

Materials (for making 1 pin)

28-32oz tin can
1/4' x 6" carage bolt
3 1/4 inch nuts
plastic bottle lid
60 small paper clips
12 inches of small tubing

Step 2: Cutting the top

Picture of Cutting the top
use can opener to cut of top of can.
Be sure you cut the can from the side instead of top of the can so you won't have any sharp edges to cut yourself on.

Step 3: Cutting the Base

Picture of Cutting the Base
after emptying the contents and cleaning the can, take ruler and measure 2 inches up from the bottom of the can.
draw an even line around the can at the 2 inch mark.
Cut the can around the line completely with Dremel or tin snips.

Step 4: Drilling Bolt holes

Picture of Drilling Bolt holes
Take drill with 1/4 inch bit and drill a hole in the center of both the base and the lid, as well as the plastic bottle cap

Step 5: Drilling Chain holes

Picture of Drilling Chain holes
With the marker, place 12 dots on the inside lip of can lid in a form of a clock
use drill with 1/16 inch bit to drill out all 12 holes

Step 6: Bolting the Base

Picture of Bolting the Base
Place bolt up through the bottom of the hole in the base. The bolt will not fit all the way in, so you will have to force it to fit.
Place bottle cap right side up on bolt untill it is touching the base.
screw 1 bolt down onto the plastic cap untill tight.

Step 7: Making the Chains

Picture of Making the Chains
Clip paper clips together in strips of 5
make 12 of these strips.
bend 1 paperclip into a ring that fits around the bolt loosely.
Clip one side of each strip to the ring you just made.
place the bolt through the ring.
kayladestiny6 months ago

thank you so much for posting! making this for my pro boyfriend! easy and cute! :)

crapsoup (author)  kayladestiny6 months ago

No problem. Glad you like it!

onrust2 years ago
Talk about a true fan. Nice work :)
crapsoup (author)  onrust2 years ago
Actually i made them for a friends. I never really got into the Disc golf myself. I thought it was to much like playing catch without the dog. But thanks for taking an interest. I hope you or someone you know will get some fun out of it.
onrust crapsoup2 years ago
Im working a call center and there is one in the center of 4 desks. The only problem was catching "puts" in the back of the head of various objects from other about boiler room fun THANKS :)
crapsoup (author)  onrust2 years ago
HaHa, sounds like an "out of bounds" rule to me. well thanks for spreading the idea and enjoy my friend.
Sreyo2 years ago
Great idea, I was looking for something fun, easy, and small to make.

I'll follow you and maybe you can check out my stuff too.
seamster2 years ago