Bottle Cap Earrings





Introduction: Bottle Cap Earrings

These are super great for a fashion, casual or any kind of outfit because they are super nice. Instead of paying about 7$ Canadian for a pair, these cost just about 0$ because they do! This is also a great way to recycle your old bottle caps!

Step 1: Find a Bottle Cap

Bottle caps can be found anywhere and if u have absolutely no idea where to find one, u can search on the street!

Step 2: Materials

You will need scissors, tape, bottle caps, and earring tops, u can find these on old earrings or buy them at Michael's

Step 3: Flip a Not So Coin

Now, flip your bottle cap upside down so the logo is facing down. Take. Apiece of tape and tape the earring top to the back of the bottle cap like so.

Step 4:

Push on the tape and squeeze down on the corners.

Step 5: Tadam!

There u got it! Your very one pair(don't forget to repeat step 1-4 twice) of bottle cap earrings! Now go show them of to your friends :) Please vote for me in the craft contest, and the green design contest if you enjoyed and/or liked it Thank you!



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    Thanks I am happy that u liked my idea!

    Going to return!

    I just spent 20 dollars at the mall for ones