--Turn your personal beverage into an urban awareness glow stick!

So here's the deal. Every morning I wait at the bus stop for 5-10 minutes. Many cars pass at 40+ MPH just feet by me. Daylight savings helps, but it will only get darker until winter solstice. Every morning I like to take a bottle of water for the bus ride and morning classes. I saw this contest, and thought, "Whatever glows cannot be a piece of clothing that you change everyday. It must be something that doesn't need to be washed." So this is my solution.

This bottle cap you can use all the time, and it will light up the cap, illuminate the entire water bottle! This will show everyone in the street exactly where you are.

 - LED
 - Water bottle
 - 2 identical caps for your water ball
 - two 1.5v button cells

 - Hot glue gun
 - Awl tool

Step 1: Insert the LED Into the Cap

Poke two holes in the top of your cap. You want them to be just wide enough to fit the wires from your LED of choice into (I ended up choosing green).

Put the LED wires through the two holes, until the base of the LED is up against the cap. You want the LED to be inside of the cap, the side with the threads on it.

Then hot glue around the LED, making sure you do not get glue on the threads.  One the LED is covered with glue on the sides, add a dab to the top of the cap, where the wires come out.

Make sure you do not cover the end of the led with glue, this will diffuse the light.

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i just made one and now my bro wants me to make one for him
have you had to change batteries?
&nbsp;I don't think a bottle cap is much of outdoors and being seen but nice idea
If you read my introduction, this is to show cars where you are when you are out early in the morning. <br />

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