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I collect bottle caps. It isn’t an exciting hobby, but it’s hard to stop once you get started. My collection includes quite a few repeats, mostly because many projects that use bottle caps require a mass volume of them. One exception would be refrigerator magnets. This project only needs a 6-12 pack worth of caps, although it looks a whole lot classier when there are no repeating colors or brands. They don’t need to be your favorite drink because you are looking for display worthy artwork.


Step 1:

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First, you must choose your caps. This can be fun if you are starting from scratch. You can buy your beer based solely on the cap design if you are the adventurous type. This will also give you a record of your beer trek. Next, you will need magnets, mine are from Wal-mart. They were the thickest they had, but they weren’t thick enough so I needed cardboard to act as a spacer between the cap and the magnet. I found that a pizza box worked well for the spacer as well as a work surface. Don’t use a washer or a nut unless it is the plastic type, this will keep the weight down. Finally, you will need glue. I used hot glue, if I had to do it over again I think I would use gorilla glue just because I often drop fridge magnets and gorilla glue is tougher.

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jonesnake made it!7 months ago
nice idea
Emperor Towhid10 months ago

That is the koolest

Benchmade made it!1 year ago

Here is a sample with the InstaMorph...

Benchmade1 year ago
I made a few of these myself. First I filled each bottle cap with InstaMorph moldable plastic and once it cooled down I sanded it to make the surface rough. Then I glued a 1/2" diameter x 1/16" magnet to it with E6000 industrial adhesive.
docmurray1 year ago
just have this a shot. the cardboard worked five, I used crazy glue myself. wasn't going for full artistic value, I just saw this after a couple of buddies supported over and grabbed the various that were laying around. think I will do this again when we do a beer exchange, as some more variety
jayjayO1 year ago
Cleaver! So simple love it
Browncoat4 years ago
Do you have any tips on getting bottle caps off w/o bending them?
a lighter but it takes alot of finness not to bend the edge but if you do and don't scratch it. it is easier to straighten. otherwise anything under lip and then use leverage to lift it off.
tjesse (author)  Browncoat4 years ago
Try using a coin on the top of the bottle between the cap and opener, I heard that works. I use the bottle opener that's on my corkscrew. It's not as aggressive as most bottle openers. Some people use a lighter, but I don't smoke so I never have one handy.
You are correct.
I have been using the coin on the cap method for years.
A quarter works the best as it is approximately the same size as the top of the cap.
I have done this I tried cardboard it fell out right away using gorilla glue, but I found an old mouse pad and tried that it worked perfect just had to cut out the circle on it. also tried a silicon adhesive and that works too. thanks for the idea.