Picture of Bottle Cap Ornament
A friend posted a picture of a bottle cap snowman ornament her daughter made for her.  I wanted to try it for myself, but she was going into surgery and I didn't want to bother her by asking for instructions.  I checked the internet, but all the instructions required using a hot glue gun and ribbon.  I wasn't sure how that would hold up over time, so I decided to use jump rings instead.
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Step 1:

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Gather your materials:

Bottle caps (make sure they are clean)
Jewelry jump rings
Nail polish (white, black, orange)
Needlenose pliers
dowel rod (3/4 to 1 inch)
Cutting Board
Ice Pick

Step 2:

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Go through your bottle caps to find the ones least damaged in opening.  If they are a little bent, use a hammer and dowel rod to straghten them out.

The dowel rod I had was just a piece left over from one of my son's projects.  Check with home improvement stores.  They may have a piece laying around cheap.

Be careful as you hammer the end of the dowel rod.  You don't want to miss and damage anything important.

Step 3:

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Position the ice pick on the inside edge of bottle cap and use the hammer to tap two holes on one side.  Make them close enough that you can thread a jump ring through them.  For this project you will put two holes each on opposite sides of two caps and one set of holes on a third cap.

Once the holes are made, you may want to push the ice pick through a bit just to enlarge them a little.

Step 4:

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Use the needlenose pliers to open the jump rings you have chosen.  Carefully maneuver jump rings into place and close the rings.  This will require some dexterity (and maybe a few bad words)  Next time I may try using 24 gauge floral wire.  I was concerned about someone getting scratched from the twisted ends, but if I coat the finished wire pieces with clear nail polish, it should be alright.
dcivarson (author) 1 year ago

Thanks, I'm going to try it with the floral wire to see how that goes and will post a picture when done.

Great use of bottle caps! Haven't seen this done before :)