This is a cool little toy to play with in school.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
- A Pair of Needle nose Pliers
- 2 Paper clips
- A Bottle Cap
- A Rubber Band
- A Needle

Step 4: The paper clips

Take one of the big paper clips clips and unfold it. then cut it like so. Take the big half and bend it evenly into a u shape. Then take the little end and trim the ends even to about a 1/2 inch long.
Now to make the trigger, take the scrap or a new paper clip and bent the tip down. Go a little ways back and bend a small hole.
Now leave about a 1/2 an inch at the end and cut off the excess.

Step 5: Asembly

Take the big u shaped paper clip and stick the ends through the bottom of the top 2 holes on the bottle cap. Push it all the way through making sure the ends are even. Next take the needle nose pliers and bend a small down ward loop on the 2 points. Now take the small u and stick the the trigger loop in it make sure the hook is pointing down. Stick the two ends through the 2 holes on the bottle cap that are close together from the top. Flip the cap up side down and bent the tips outward.

Step 6: The rubber band

This is probably one of the hardest part in the whole project. Break the rubber band and stick it in the two small loops. Bend them over tightly. Now loop one end through the bottom of the big loop. Stretch the rubber band tight and tie it off.

Step 7: Fun time

Pull the rubber band back and hook it on the trigger. Put a bead or small ball of paper in fornt and pull down the trigger. BULLSEYE !

Um nice idea

paper kotik11 months ago


The pics are too blurry!
AustenQn5 years ago
I modifyd it ans shot throu cardboard
too many pictures
a918bmxr6 years ago
this thing is awesome :-o !!
gonzoman737 years ago
hmm...i geuss ill try, it looks kinda hard and confusing...
Haza7 years ago
Haza7 years ago
cool looks gd!
PocketSized7 years ago
I've made an Instructable that is similar in design to yours, called The Office Booby Trap.
I don't know if you wanted to check it out for ideas?, but feel free.
Charger_06 (author)  PocketSized7 years ago
srry i didnt mean to coppy your idea i didnt know that this one exsisted
no don't worry about it =]
Charger_06 (author)  PocketSized7 years ago
k : )
Charger_06 (author) 7 years ago
jtobako the trigger is covered in step 4
jtobako7 years ago
Which step covers making the trigger?