Step 7: Cover with resin.

Picture of Cover with resin.
I won't get into how to mix the resin since there are instructions in the box, not to mention ample tutorials available online.  UPDATE: The resin I used was Envirotex Lite Pour-on High Gloss Finish.  You will, however, need to spread the resin to get into the gaps between the bottle caps as well as out to the edges. This is why your caps need to be glued down, as you will be running a rigid piece of paper or plastic over the surface of the caps. This is a great opportunity to use those fake credit cards that come in your junk mail. I used an old insurance card, but any stiff plastic or cardboard would suffice.

Remember that the resin will level itself out, so just make sure you have enough to fill in the gaps and even out any high areas. You may want to cover your work to keep any random hairs or dust from getting stuck. Now walk away for about 7 or 8 hours.
cfunke2 years ago
Need to get drinking so I can do this
yeah I could not download it either....I think I have enough bottle caps for a couple of these and really want to do this!
I couldn't download the pdf . Somebody can help me to have it?
My email is lunalunera19@hotmail.com
Audiyoda5 years ago
I've done maybe a half dozen resin pours on table tops - something I found after a few attempts that works nicely to help spread the resin is to use a palm sander in direct contact with the under side of the table.  Takes care of getting the resin into all the nooks and crannies, and also helps with any air bubbles that might get into the resin.
I love what you did!  It's great. It gives me a ton of ideas for different table tops.  I'm just wondering what kind of resin you used.