Step 9: And voila!

Picture of And voila!
You have a great new conversation piece for your home or patio.

Nicely done. Thanks for the details.

Awesome well presented project now I know what I'm doing with my bottle tops. Cheers!!

hswartzloff4 years ago
Any ideas where I can find the Resin? I live in a small town and wal-mart doesn't have it. I might need to make a trip to the city.....
pyromonkey4 years ago
This is so awesome! I have the perfect table to do it to as well :D
Now I just need to collect bottle caps. OOOO Maybe Guitar picks would be a good substitute.
ginarina4274 years ago
what an awesome table! going to try doing this with 'built in coasters'
Descon5 years ago
I love the ring of newcastle caps, mmm newcastle!
Tim12525 years ago
Check this out! It's not my car, I've seen it in Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim). It were plastic caps and they were glued with silicone.  How long would they have been gathering.
sewshesaid5 years ago
Thanks for the great info. Have been saving caps for a while. Was going to figure out how to wear them. May just have to use on this.
gwins5 years ago
use heat, propane torch with a wide head, after sanding with fine grit sandpaper, like they do with pexiglass to make the edge see through.
runfromnuke5 years ago
Would you recommend sanding the edges to a curve?  If so, how would that be done?  (I would assume with a belt-sander, but I don't know which grit would work best.)