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I dont think this is an instructable but I can still show it to everyone here. The bottle cap that shoots off hits pretty hard, it gave my brother brusies. This is my first instructableso dont be too harsh with the comments.

Step 1: Materials and Some Knoledge

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What you need:
Your hands
A water bottle(0.5 liter poland spring is easiest to use)

The only reason the cap shoots off was because of the air pressure you created by twisting the bottom of the water bottle.

Step 2: Getting Started!!!

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Ok, to get started, drink all of the water in your water bottle, save the cap, thats the projectile.

To make the next step easier, start pinching the area shown by the picture, on the Poland Spring water bottle, its the indented ring under the paper wrapper.

Step 3: Start Twisting!!!

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Start twisting the area you have been pinching

The more you pinch, the harder and farther the bottle will shoot.

I didnt twist as much because I was only doing it for the instructable...

Step 4: Fire!!!

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Noww still holding it as shown in the previous picture, with your free hand, twist off the cap with your free hands thumb.

The cap should fly off with a loud(or kinda loud)pop. If it doesnt than you should practice the technique of flipping off the cap.

(Note: You cannot use the same bottle twice or you will not have the full effectz6)


battlekitty (author)2015-09-17


battlekitty (author)2015-09-17

i liked it same thing happen to my brother :(.......:):)lol....

power (author)2008-07-05

lol teacher scolded me for doing that :p

sharlston (author)power2009-04-27

what u mean by scolded

toogers (author)sharlston2009-09-16

lectured/yelled at.

sharlston (author)toogers2009-09-17

ohvgood i thought she ment like hot water or something

Capt. Kidd (author)sharlston2011-04-16

not to revive but burning with hot water is scalding. not scolding.

power (author)Capt. Kidd2011-04-17

lol I got scolded... not scalded.

Air_Assassin (author)2011-02-15

I always do that to my friends lol

boog123 (author)2009-10-14

can you do it out of the new 2 liter bottles from coke

HarryJackson (author)2009-01-27

One of my friends at school can do this, but he twists it up as hard as he possibly can, and when it fires it's LOUD. It's almost exactly like the sound a paper bag makes when you blow it up and pop it, not quite the same sound but just as loud.

AznPanda (author)2008-06-16

i learned this a while back but i never tried it maybe i will now

- creative name - (author)2007-08-25

my friend shot me with one of these. i look over and he was holding a steaming bottle (scary not knowing what just happened) it gave me a welt on my neck.

Not steam escaping condensation

i know. i just couldn't think of a word for it.

Arbitror (author)2007-10-25

During school, one of my friends did that and shot my teacher in the back of the head!

iman (author)2007-08-14

If you let out a little bit of air then seal the cap it shoots way farther, also if you twist farther up the bottle you can get more pressure. :)

waverider894 (author)iman2007-08-15

I know, but i usuall twist up to that point, because it was a good place for me to stop, and I didnt twist as much in the pictures because It was kinda hard holding the bottle twisted and taking a pic.

iman (author)waverider8942007-08-15

ok :)

heyzuphowsitgoin (author)2007-08-15

haha my friend started doing this 2 months ago then i showd some of my other friends... wow haha i guess this will end up in the olympics... o i found that nestle water bottles work the best becaus the cap is made from a softer plastic so it seals with somthing like half a turn

killerjackalope (author)2007-08-14

I made this instructable already except i don't twist the bottle I bend it or better than either but you really need to work to vertically squash a 2L bottle in your hands

I sometimes "fold" the bottle if I wanna do it quickly.

waverider894 (author)2007-08-14

I just noticed that kokakolakid121 had made the same instructable, just letting you guys all know that I know its already made...

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