Picture of Bottle Caps Plant ?!!! (Recycling Project)
2012-04-09 14.34.26.jpg
2012-04-08 15.46.41.jpg
This is a a great recycling projects for everyone , it's easy to made,
You can but it on your desk , window...etc and it doesn't cost 
A lot of money .
It can be also a great last minute gift.

Materials :
  • Of course a bottle's cap
  • A Cap Of Water
  • Any small seed , i used (Fenugreek)
  • Some loam
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Step 1: Let's Start

Picture of Let's Start
2012-04-08 15.48.24.jpg
2012-04-08 15.47.47.jpg
Take some loam an fill half the cap with it
like shown 

Step 2: Add Seeds

Picture of Add Seeds
2012-04-08 15.48.16.jpg
Add any small seeds , i used (Fenugreek) seeds

Step 3: Add some loam again

Picture of Add some loam again
2012-04-09 14.34.26.jpg
Take some loam an fill the cap again

Step 4: Find a Nice Place

Picture of Find a Nice Place
2012-04-08 15.54.53.jpg
Find a nice place for your Fenugreek plant , it must be a sunny place 

Step 5: Watering

Picture of Watering
2012-04-08 15.49.53.jpg
2012-04-08 15.50.21.jpg
Water your plant daily with a cup of water like shown 

Any pics of the plants growing?

Mahmoud Alaa (author)  Chikpeas Brother1 year ago

No :/

Too bad...

How well did they grow?

Mahmoud Alaa (author)  Chikpeas Brother1 year ago

they will grow normally but when they grow up so much you should move them to a bigger container ^_^

sunshiine3 years ago
You are getting good at this!
Mahmoud Alaa (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
thanks so much
My 6th graders would love this.