There's a beach in Columbia where large chess boards are set up for anyone to play on, and for the pieces; used soda bottles. They look kind of mangled and ugly, but from this idea I thought of a little project of my own; hopefully it will look somewhat decent. So upon seeing this scene at the beach, I got this idea for a large chess board of my own. The pieces (for my own idea) will be Pepsi products vs. Coke products. Of course you can change it to whatever you want, the concept is the same.
I'm currently In college full time, work full time, and am a new father so my time is limited. However, once I have a little bit more time, this will be one of the first projects I tackle. The Steps aren't too complicated, and once you're finished, you'll be able to enjoy this over and over again. I can't wait to play my son, once he's old enough. So please have a look, post any comments or suggestions you wish, and Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials List

Here is a list of things you will need for this project.

Chess Board:

(4) 3" furring strips, 30" long
30" by 30" masonite or hard board
1/2" thick foamcore. 30" by 30"
large T-square
fine-grit sandpaper
glue gun and hot glue
sharp craft knife
floral spray paints (2 colors)
(2) 32-ounce packages of two-part, pour-on high-gloss resin
2 small, clean buckets
rubber stamps and ink, paint or wood-burning tool
wood stain (optional)
shellac or polyurethane

Chess Pieces:

Sand 50 lb. bag (Lowes, Home Depot, or any beach)
32 bottles of your own choosing, the following is my own lineup
Pepsi (King) - 1
Diet Pepsi (Queen) - 1
Pepsi Max (Rook) - 2
Wild Cherry Pepsi (Bishop) - 2
Pepsi one (Knight) - 2
Diet Pepsi Lime (Pawn) - 8

Coke (King) - 1
Diet Coke (Queen) - 1
Coke Zero(Rook) - 2
Cherry Coke(Bishop) - 2
Vanilla Coke(Knight) - 2
Coca-Cola with Lime(Pawn) - 8
<p>It would have been nice to see a completed version. Interesting idea.</p>
You should try playing with full bottles and when you capture a peice you can drink it.

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