Bottle Cleaning Drill





Introduction: Bottle Cleaning Drill

Hey there this time its the bottle cleaning drill. Basically I fitted a bottle cleaning brush (with the handle side cut off). This little handy machine can clean anything from baby bottles to sipper cups.

Materials Needed:

  1. Drilling machine (wired or battery powered).
  2. Bottle Cleaning Brush (any size).
  3. Hacksaw cutter.
  4. Washing Soap (your choice).

Step 1: Getting the Brush Part Ready

The brush is a standard baby bottle cleaner. Cut the holder part of the brush using the hacksaw cutter. Then using the drill bit key expand the chuck (holder) to allow the brushes other end into the chuck and tighten it. There you go you got your own bottle cleaning drill!!! enjoy !!!


Please handle the power tool with care cause continuous running of the drill without the bottle inserted can cause the brush to get bent and produce problematic vibration. So please handle it with care. The drill if run on a power socket should be kept away from water to avoid shocks.

Here is a video demo of the drill in action and hope you enjoyed this instructable. Comments are welcome and please vote if you liked this instructable.



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    how you control the speed of the drill and its torque as a drill is a very powerful machine

    there is no need to control the speed since the drill works fine when u turn it on inside the bottle. check the video for its working!

    I have already made and using it. For smooth performance, the drill should have variable speed. It should not be ran fast.

    yeah but with it inserted into the bottle there is no major problem.

    thanks!!! I agree the cordless is the best for this project but i didn't have one for this demo!

    The AC drill is way too dangerous around the water !! You should only use a Cordless for this, but the idea is great !