Step 9: Final Layer: Moss!

Now is the fun part! Inspect the moss you gathered. You might want to remove any stray potato bugs or blades of grass, or you might want to leave them in.

If you are using a wide mouthed jar, gently tear off a piece of moss just a little bit smaller than the bottom of your jar. Push it into the jar so the bottom of the moss mat is touching the soil. Spritz generously with water.

If you are using a narrow-necked bottle, tear off a piece of moss that will fit through the bottle neck. Using chopsticks or something similar, push the moss through the bottle neck and into the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the moss lands right side up. You can probably flip it over with the chopstick if it lands upside-down. Do the same with other small pieces of moss until the soil is completely covered in moss. Using the stick, lightly tamp down each piece of moss to keep it in place. Spritz the bottle with a little water.

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