Bottle Gun





Introduction: Bottle Gun

Ah the great bottle gun..... You havnt heard. well its easy all u need is 1 water bottle 2 hands.... and a VICTIM!

Step 1: How To

Grasp the bottle and twist till it makes a small bubble on the bottom. now slowly unscrew the cap while holding the bottle. the cap will fly off and smoke will come out of the bottle. hopefully
u hit your victim. if u didnt hit him dont worry u have an extra shot.

WARNING- i am not responsable for any injuries and this can be painful. :)



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    i couldnt do it the air wouls just leave

    i hate to say but it's not actually smoke its (WATER VAPOR) i guess science isn't very good to you.

    ya i no its vapor but i like to say smoke because its looks cooler that way oh and i am in honered science class. :)

    same thing's true for the white stuff that comes out the back end of rockets. rocket fuel is basically just separated water.

    I tried it and it didnt work!

    well then u didnt do it right or u used the wrong type of bottle

    it really doesn't matter what kind of bottle you use the all have their own ways for building up air compression at the top i took a 7-up bottle placed it on the table and pressed down on the bottom and then you unscrew the cap slowly and then you twist it off as fast as you can and i goes close to 100 ft

    well it makes it harder depending on the shape of a bottle

    i tried it again and it worked it just needs alot of air power