Introduction: Bottle Marker

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  When you're in your mancave or garage working on whatever project it is you're working on, chances are beer and chew will be involved.  The trouble is that you soon start spitting into a beer bottle.  The last thing anyone wants is to drink from the wrong bottle.  So, a very quick, very easy deterrent is a bottle marker.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

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  Ok so just a few things are needed:

 -Drill Bit

 -Bottle Cap

Step 2: Drilling

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  Drill two hole in the bottle cap, side by side.

Step 3: Thread the String

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  Thread the string through both holes.

Step 4: Add to Bottle

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Put the Marker on your non-beer and NEVER have a bad night.


Attmos (author)2013-01-16

LOL, Yep!

vince 09 (author)2013-01-13

nice ibl and ya that is about the worst taking a drink out of your spitter or taking a drink only to find out someone adjacently spit in your beer.

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