Introduction: Bottle Opener. Lost Foam Metal Casting

I wanted to make some useful bottle opener with unique or at least nice design.

Step 1: Preparing the Mold

Picture of Preparing the Mold

As a mold I use big beer can and green sand. I've made bottle opener sample from a plastic foam.

Step 2: Aluminum Is Melted and Ready for Pouring

Picture of Aluminum Is Melted and Ready for Pouring

When aluminum is melted it's time to cast it.

Step 3: Result

Picture of Result

I like how it finally looks. It's not just a bottle opener but can be easily used as a keychain.


Seabourn (author)2017-12-29

Good job! super useful!

DuralM (author)Seabourn2017-12-29

Thank you! :)

gm280 (author)2017-12-18

Nice pour. You should show us your furnace and how you built it. I'll like to see and hear about that myself.

DuralM (author)gm2802017-12-19

Thank you gm280. I've made videos about my furnace long time ago. They are all here:

Smelting Furnace. Project "Big Smelter". Making Outer Skin - Part 1 of 3:

Big Smelter Project. Making the Lid - Part 2 of 3:

Big Smelter Project. Smelting Furnace Lining, Drying,Testing - Part 3 of 3:

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