Step 5: The Parachute

Picture of The Parachute
Photo 134.jpg
Next is the parachute. This is what the painter's drop cloth is used for. First, fold the drop cloth into a square and then cut it. Once it's in a square you want to fold the drop cloth in half, and then in half again about 3 more times. It should look a bit like a long triangle at this point. Cut about a foot off only on the bottom (NOT the pointed top). Unfold it and it should look like a circle. Keep re-folding and cutting until the diameter is about 54". This seemed to be the perfect size for a parachute. After you have reached the desired size, place little squares of tape on the ends of the parachute 8 times. Punch holes and then tie 54" strings in each hole. This is your parachute.