Introduction: Bottle Whirligig Toy

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Vane refers to the wind direction, foreigners made of wood, in Vietnam can not wood, I chose materials are: aluminum cans, plastic bottles, aluminum tubes

I am a Vietnam, specialized guides make
traditional toys, to find me, go to YouTube, type in search words: Vietnamese Toys

Step 1: Tool for Make It

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- plastic thread

- drill

- Glue Gun

- Material: Sunscreen, Waterproof

Step 2: Waiting for the Wind to Blow, and See Results

Picture of Waiting for the Wind to Blow, and See Results

If you have time, check out my video tutorial


Northrrn_Joe (author)2015-08-15

whirligigs are pretty cool.

moen-the-grass (author)2015-08-14

I like that the makings are things I would recycle. This would look great painted.

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