Bottle Herb Garden – a Recycling Project.





Introduction: Bottle Herb Garden – a Recycling Project.

Many similar ideas exist. I want to show you how to recycle 2l soda bottles and make a herb garden. The main idea here is that you water from the top and the excess water runs into the 'pot' below and so on. If you build one similar in size to mine you should be able to move it around or transport it easily. It also takes up very little space as it stands almost straight up.

Step 1: Hardware:

1)2l soda bottles.
2)Scrap wood, bamboo sticks, PVC or similar for frame.
3)Wood screws.

Step 2: Tools:

1)Knife to cut tops off.
2)Drill press / hand drill to drill holes through the bottle neck and to screw frame together.
4)Hand saw to cut scrap wood to size.

Step 3: Cut Soda Bottles.

Cut top of bottle off as shown.

Step 4: Drill Soda Bottles.

Drill bottle neck as shown.

Step 5: Build a Frame.

Build a frame to hold your bottles as shown in the two sketches. Note that the opening of the lower bottle must be screwed to the top bottles' neck. I have not used any measurements because you can make your own custom size. I have made a 5 column X 3 row frame. This could be made to any configuration.

Step 6: Screw Bottles on Frame.

Screw bottles on frame.

Step 7: Stones, Potting Soil, Planting and Watering.

Put stones in the bottom of each neck for drainage. Fill with potting soil. Plant seeds or seedlings and water.
Good luck.



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    I love the idea of duck tape. It comes in so many pretty colors.

    i did with a self watering wicking method using the bottom of the pet bottles as a water reservoir. its kind of cool. I drilled the bottom bottles to the wooden frame and then placed the top part of the bottle filled with the soil and seeds. this way you only need to fill the bottle as and when you need it. its really a cool idea. thanks to "bottle Herb garden", Jack.

    The smaller 1/2L water and soda bottles would make a very compact herb garden to sit on a window ledge...

    man I just unloaded my soda bottles. Very excellent project!!

    This is seriously one of the coolest "green" gardening ideas I've seen in a long time. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start drinking soda just so I can give this a go.

    An idea for anyone not liking the raw look of the plastic bottles: hot glue some sheet moss to them. It will also help to prevent algaenation in the soil (that green growth in the soil due to light exposure).

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this!

    good idea, to make it better we need to block all/most light from getting to the roots to improve health and therefore harvest/flowering. Just wrap with opaque ....something. I've used duct tape in past for make shift planters.

    how about wrapping it with scrap fabric? might look kind of cool that way. No need to buy any either ... I'm sure we all have an old sweatshirt, T-shirt, skirt or something around the house that would work. Or even a no-longer-usable sheet or tablecloth. They can all be cut to the right size and used to decorate the planters while blocking the light to the roots.

    fabric being highly porous and holding water, will encourage fungal growth in it which is less than optimal around plants.

    Isn't the fabric on the outside of the bottle? That's what I did- the decoupage on the outside.

    Yes but do you water plants often? In my garden I often get some water on the outside of pots, or it tends to rain every once in a while, or a bird poops on them, animal urinates, etc etc.

    My point is that ideally the surface treatment will not be porous.