Picture of Bottle rocket launcher
I was bored and saw some stuff on the internet so i decided to make my own
I am not liable for any injuries if somebody else uses my idea
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Heres what you need

Step 2: Image

Picture of Image
Get paper and wrap around the tube then add some more for length, i haven't spray painted it yet.
stuff the holes with crumbled paper so it doesn't cave in.

Step 3: Insert rocket and test

Picture of Insert rocket and test
Insert rocket and light the rocket

nof-z3 years ago
this is dangerous, irresponsible, and juvenile, so i think it is WAY worth doing!!!
sorry . but this is a epic fail
LazMcSpaz (author)  pirate of doom6 years ago
in what sence
27436 years ago
very cool! man!