Picture of Bottlecap Badges
Nothing says badass like a homemade button. But badge machines are expensive, and sometimes you don't want a lot of buttons made from one image. When you're in the mood for something completely unique, it's time to make a Bottlecap Badge.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Picture of Gather your supplies.
You will need an image (or text, if that's more your cup of tea), a bottlecap, some white glue, some Mod Podge, a paintbrush, a pinback, and some hardcore glue--get something made for holding metal.
lytonlyte4 months ago
Nice, I've just started making them and selling them in south africa. What's more nice is that people choose what images they want printed on them. Great way of killing boring weekends and making extra cash... :)
mcshawnboy3 years ago
I wonder if auto body dent pulling pin studs could attach to back & be threaded or peened? http://www.harborfreight.com/stud-welder-dent-repair-kit-98357.html
dkilburn13 years ago
Thank you I've been searching forever to see if you could use mod podge for this, cause that's all I have lol!!
rockgod575 years ago
would gorilla glue super glue work
Notbob5 years ago
Just a thought:

A possible further step would be to cut down almost all of the edge that sticks up, then fold/bend the remaining metal on to itself, so that it leaves a flat outward face.

I think i shall try this if i ever have some spare time.

silver556 years ago
I would put the picture outside.
But then how would one attach the pin?
Thick paste inside, and the pin in the same way you did. Excuse my English, I translated with Google
you know what would make it more badass? if you put a rebel flag on it, i made a pin one that was pretty awesome
I've never seen it done this way. Very nice.
There might things that say badass even better, but homemade buttons have got to be in the top three.
insomniaSAH6 years ago
Neat! I'd probably crimp the edges down with plies or put a disc of plastic over the picture as well or something though - or maybe even epoxy, just something to give it a thickness :p