Step 4: Seal it with Mod Podge.

Picture of Seal it with Mod Podge.
Most of the bottlecap badges I've seen seal their image with a thin layer of resin. It makes for a very nice effect and you can embed other items over your image, but it does take longer to dry and involves fumes even more noxious than those of Mod Podge. I like it this way--it's faster and the image will still stay in there. If you want to try the resin technique, there's a great tutorial here.

The Mod Podge will dry clear and relatively flat, but if you use a stiff brush and a good glob of sealer, you can get a cool brushstroke effect. The other nice thing about using Mod Podge instead of resin is that you can move on to the next step while it's still drying.
dkilburn13 years ago
Thank you I've been searching forever to see if you could use mod podge for this, cause that's all I have lol!!