Introduction: Bottlecap Fridge Magnets

An easy project. Better then other fridge magnets

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1. Bottlecaps, I did beer caps

2. Magnets, they need to be thicker then the bottlecap or else the cap will scratch your fridge

3. Glue, for gluing the magnets

Step 2: Attach the Magnet

take the magnet and glue it to the bottom of the cap.
(again, make sure that the magnet is thicker then the bottle cap)

Step 3: Done

that's it. They look really cool on your fridge.


Koosie (author)2010-01-13

Zombie thread, AWAKEN!

Really cool idea, I'm gonna try this!

rimar2000 (author)2006-10-21

Perhaps it is not pretty, but the form of the cap does that the force of the magnet be powered, using both poles to be adhered to the fridge