Picture of Bottlecap Fridge Magnets
An easy project. Better then other fridge magnets
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Step 1: Stuff you need

1. Bottlecaps, I did beer caps

2. Magnets, they need to be thicker then the bottlecap or else the cap will scratch your fridge

3. Glue, for gluing the magnets

Step 2: Attach the magnet

Picture of Attach the magnet
take the magnet and glue it to the bottom of the cap.
(again, make sure that the magnet is thicker then the bottle cap)

Step 3: Done

that's it. They look really cool on your fridge.
Koosie5 years ago
Zombie thread, AWAKEN!

Really cool idea, I'm gonna try this!
rimar20008 years ago
Perhaps it is not pretty, but the form of the cap does that the force of the magnet be powered, using both poles to be adhered to the fridge