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Introduction: Bottlecap Monopod

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It may not be original, but it works. The bottlecap monopod can be attached to any water bottle, and of course costs only under 50 cents. It was made out of trash, litterally, but is just fantastically functional. Also, please excuse any blurry photos because  I had to work fast due to low battery.

Step 1: Parts

1 1/4 inch bolt 1 inch long
2 Nuts to match
2 Small washers, 1/4 inch
1 larger washer, 1/4 inch
1 Bottle cap

Screwdriver (phillips)
1 ratchet head to match nuts

Step 2: Making the Hole...

Use the screwdriver to make the hole inside the bottlecap, making sure that you go from the inside out, then screw the bolt in.

Step 3: Final Touches...

After attaching the bolt, attach the componets in this order:

small washer
small washer
large washer

Then, fasten using the ratchet bit and screwdriver.

Step 4: Your Done!

Now, screw into your camera gently. If the it doesn't fit, the bot is too big, or you have some kind of alien camera.

Anyways, thanks for reading!



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    Nice job! But if you're worried about blurry photos, just get a monopod! Oh, wait...

    very easy to read instructions and very simple to make! i never thought you could make a stand out of a bottle cap and trash!

    Im Sure You Can Buy A Cork Washer Just About Anywhere Or Make Your Own And Then You Wouldn't Mark The Bottom Of The Camera

    Great Ible


    Make it with a cola cap, and you have a monopod for any party...