Introduction: Bottomless Halloween Basket

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I was thinking about Halloween and i can see every body is making costumes and i thought that no one thinks about the basket. It comes in different shapes but not  "high tech", so i came up with this idea. I think that it is going to drag the attention as well as the costume.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

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It wasn't hard to make that project. All i needed was:
A basket
Semi transperent glass (cuted with the shape of the baskets bottom )
LEDs (slow fade RGB in my case)
Soldering gun
 4 AA Baterries
A box proper for the baterries
and some drawin skills :)

Step 2: The " Tunel "

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The size of the mirror was 45cm. I've put some LEDs to see what distance between them is going to look good and 2cm seened to be ok. This way i needed 21 LEDs with 21 51ohms resistors. I've got the sheme from

Step 3: Battery Box

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The box i've used is from an old cassette box because it was fitting perfectly for the size of the batteries. Added switch and some wiring and i've putted on the bottom of the basket with some wire.

Step 4: From the Outside

Picture of From the Outside

When i finished this i though that is too simple and empty from the outside and this was what i came up with.

Step 5: And There It Is

Picture of And There It Is

This is the basket i would go out when Halloween comes


robertmkmd (author)2013-10-28

could u give some further detail about the relation of the semi-transparent glass vs the mirror-where is one in relation to the other, etc? Thanks.

djlewis725 (author)2010-11-10

lol! This is so epic! Now if only you could make an illusion that your candy disappeared when you dropped it in. Nice instructable.

hummer_head (author)djlewis7252010-11-11

Nice idea! I've already figured out how to do it just need some time. Maybe there will be update soon.

mstyle183 (author)2010-11-01

where do you purchase this half way mirror?

hummer_head (author)mstyle1832010-11-01

i bought it from the local glass house. I went there with the basket and they did both the mirror and the glass

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