Picture of Boudoir Tulle Christmas Tree
Frothy, decadent and totally glamorous, the tulle tree can adorn your dressing table while you get ready for Christmas parties, or be your table centre piece on Christmas day.

Step 1:

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The base and 'trunk' of the tree are made from a wooden kitchen roll holder. Sand the kitchen roll holder and spray paint to match your fabric (in my case gold).

blackweb1 year ago
I would try this using a styrofoam cone and cut up christmas ribbons and just push them in with a sharp object.....eg knitting needle, chop stick. Thanks for the idea.
Judith7562 years ago
Very cute idea. The sewing can be done by hand or machine which is really nice for those who don't have a sewing machine and it is an easy assembly.
Good use for the garage sale paper towel holder.
nadiak2 years ago
Pretty <3
So cute! Love the way it looks in the light. :D
WagDoll (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Aw thank you :-)