Bouncing Egg


Introduction: Bouncing Egg

Here is a fun project you can do at home -- bouncing an egg! It is pretty simple and takes a day or two, but it's worth your time.

Step 1: Put the Egg in Vinegar

First, you want to put the raw egg into vinegar. After a few days, it will have NO white of the shell on it. This means it is ready to bounce. Take it out of the vinegar.

Step 2: Bouncing the Egg

To bounce it, you simply drop it from a short height (2 inches or so), then increase the height as you keep doing it.



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    I'm trying it

    Oh, and one tip: don't drop it from too high. Here's what happens when you get extreme:

    So the vinegar dissolves the shell, leaving the yoke sack in place?!

    I never knew this was possible! Very cool, I'll have to try this. Thank you!