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This is a table decoration utilizing a drinking bird (available from and a 3d printed head.

Step 1:

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First, print the alligator's head. I used a file created by Gedelgo:

I converted his file to a ".stl" then enlarged it 400% in TinkerCad. I added a hole to fit the top of the drinking bird's head.

Step 2:

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Remove the hat from the bird. It is glued on, but pulls off easily.

Step 3:

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Drill a hole in the upper roof of the gator's mouth to match the point on the drinking bird's head. Paint the bird's body and the alligator head (my wife did the paint work--she used a reflective clear coat on the head). Friction fit the gator head to the top of the bird.

Step 4:

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The thing is top heavy now. Glue a weight (super glue gel) to the bottom of the bird. I used a skateboard bearing.

Bump the bird (gator) and he will bounce.


Build_it_Bob (author)2015-08-19

Looks great Mike...not something you would see anywhere else . Very creative usual !


Thanks! Not satisfied with just building a useless project, I took it to the next level of absurdity by automating the "flick to keep it moving."

xxlauraxx (author)2015-08-19

Very cute riff on the drinking bird!

JulianAzz (author)2015-08-18

Intelligent idea

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