video Bouncing Multicolored LED Line

This is an arduino controlled project and uses leds, jumper wires, and a breadboard. This is one of my first attempts on programming arduino and I am pleased with the outcome. I'm ten years old and I just started programming 2 weeks ago. Here's the video if you can't watch it.

u should make a rainbow one 0u0
For a 10 year old? Not bad. Not bad at all. Well done!
It took me four years to get to the stage you're at (although admittedly I'm writing everything in ASM, and soldering the boards together myself) but I'm progressing fast now. Just finished this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_Yx9DGkqj0 and I'm getting an entry for the MCU competition ready at the mo.

Looking forward to seeing what you progress to…