A decorative toy based on stick slip motion.  The wooden snowflake is attached by a spring to a wooden sleeve, which rides on a metal rod.  Slide the snowflake to the top of the rod, and with a flick of the finger, the snowflake takes a surprisingly long time to bounce its way down the metal rod.

I made this at TechShop www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Vector drawing software (I used CorelDRAW)
Laser cutter (my TechShop has a Trotec Speedy 300)
Drill with appropriately sized bit (matches spring diameter)
5 Minute epoxy
Coarse sandpaper
3" x 8" x 1/4" poplar board
14" long 1/8" diameter stainless steel rod
Spring from a retractable pen

This instructable assumes some basic familiarity with CorelDRAW and a laser cutter.
AND... I'll probably be way-lazy and use an extra ring instead of drilling part-way into the graphic piece - the extra ring will be thinner. I'll laser-through a hole for the spring. <br> <br>You like Corel, eh? I'm really digging the CTRL-D function - Duplicate. It will increment angle, size, displacement, etc. Fun to play with...
<br>JOE! Man of the HOUR!! <br> <br>This is very cool!!! <br> <br>I am going to copy this for my Cub Scouts. I'll put some type of CubScoutY graphic on it. We'll build them and have races! <br> <br>Look out - I'm following you, man...

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