Bouncy Egg


Introduction: Bouncy Egg

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Have you ever want to have a egg that could bounce? Well, probably not... but this is a cool science experiment that you can do for fun and all you will need is a




Step 1:

First you will pour your vinegar into a glass cup big enough for 3 eggs to be stacked on top of each other. I poured it about 1/2 way but just make sure it will cover the top of your egg when put in.

Step 2:

Leave your egg in the vinegar for 3-6 hours. After you have let the egg sit in the vinegar pick your egg up and look at the transforment you can bounce your egg on a table but be really care full it doesn't bust that would be a mess...



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    i think leaving it in the vinegar for longer, like, a week or so might increase the bounce and strength. Otherwise- great instructable!

    I tried this out it works out great

    Hey great idea I will have to try that sometime