Bouquet of Duck Tape Roses





Introduction: Bouquet of Duck Tape Roses

This  is how to make a dozen roses for Valentines day. i made this for valentines day for my mom so she could use the pens but have a decorative one. i made theses at my house. I learned that you can have a pen but you can have a decorative one also.  

Step 1: Supplies

supplies you need for making duck tape roses.

you will need duck tape ( any color of choice ) and you will need 12 pens and a something to cut with.

Step 2: Cutting the Tape

you will need to cut out squares that measure 2 inches. you will need about 20 - 30 depending on you flower size.

Step 3: Making the Petals

Once you have cut out the squares you will take one of the corners and stick it to the sticky part of the tape. then  you will fold another
corner against the color side  so it looks like the second picture. 

Step 4: Building the Rose

After you make the triangle you are now going to stick it on the butt end of the pen. you are going to wrap it around the butt end of the pen. you are going to want to make it even so  it turns out good.

Step 5: The Finished Product

This is what the finished product should most likely  look like when you are done. and once you have, make how ever many flowers you want.  You can put it in a vase or a cup or what ever you want to put it in. I chose a cup.   I added green tissue paper to make it look like leaves.



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Awesome i will make these for valentines day, my mom is a pen freak!!!

How long did it take to make one rose?

Very nice idea :-) but for goodness sake people it is DUCT tape.