This instructable will describe the steps to build an oak jar lamp from either oak wood that was once a fermentation vessel or from any other oak wood that is soaked in bourbon for a similar effect.

This instructable is inspired by the beautiful jar lamp built and sold by B.Light Designs (http://blightdesign.com/lamp_jar.html). I was determined to create something similar. I wanted a lamp that produced light for reading and warm ambience, but even more important was that it was interesting (aesthetically and smell). And finally, I wanted a low wattage bulb so you can look at the filament wire inside bug bulb without scorching your eyes.

If you can get your hands on free oak wood, as I was able to do, the remaining materials for this lamp cost me about $20 and took about 3 hours to build.

This instructable shows the steps to build an oak jar lamp that releases the aroma of Bourbon when used.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

You will need to gather/purchase your materials and verify you own, can borrow or buy the required tools. Although I will present several tools in this instructable, there are other ways to use different tools to perform some of the steps and I'd encourage you to be creative if you find you don't have access to a particular tool.

Gather Materials:
 - * Block of oak (or other hardwood) that is 4.75" x 4.75" x 2" (I had 2" white oak planks left over from building a boat.) NOTE: I had to glue-up two pieces of oak to get the right size oak block. I'm recommending a block that is about 1" wider than the selected jar's diameter.
 - Wood glue (Only if oak requires glueing to form required oak block)
 - Glass Jar (Paid $2.99 from Michael's craft store for item #31009281633. This glass jar comes with a lid that is discarded. The jar is about 5.5" tall and has a diameter of about 3.75".)
 - Porcelain keyless socket (I paid $2.48 for a Westinghouse 70409 from Menards) 
 - SPT-2 6' lamp cord (I bought for about $5 from Menards)
 - Edison-style bulb (I originally paid $8.97 for an "The Original Vintage Style Bulb" from Menards, but later replace it with a 25 watt Bulbrite for $8.69 from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Bulbrite-132520-Nostalgic-Edison-Loop-style/dp/B001EFYVHS/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1333779136&sr=8-4). I prefer the lower watt bulb.
 - Felt for bottom (Paid $.99 from Michael's craft store for a green 8.5" x 11" felt pad with a peel off sticky back)
 - (Optional) Bourbon  to scent lamp. I had this, but you will be looking at something around $30 at least if you have to buy it
 - Linseed oil for finishing the base (only if you do not plan to allow bourbon aroma to be released when heated)

* Ideally this wood is salvaged from a bourbon fermentation tank. The top and bottom would be the easiest wood to reuse for this instruct able. See tanks available from Kentucky Barrels (http://www.kentuckybarrels.com/wholebarrels.html). If you do not have the ability to use salvaged bourbon fermentation oak wood, as was the case for me, I will include an optional step of soaking your oak wood in bourbon to achieve a similar effect.

 - Table saw to rip and cut oak
 - Wood lathe & lathe tools to turn oak block into a disc
 - Compass to draw circle from center point
 - Clamp (needed if you are gluing your oak to make your initial block and if you chose to use it to hold your block while cutting on a table saw)
 - Pencil
 - Pliers or a vice
 - Scissors
 - Tape measure and ruler
 - Drill (preferably a drill press, but hand-held drill will suffice)
 - 1/4" wood drill bit
 - 1/8" wood drill bit
 - 1-1/2" Forstner wood drill bit (this has to be a flat-bottom bit)
 - 5/8" wood drill bit
 - Dremel tool
 - Dremel 1/8 inch Round Carbide Cutter bit such as Dremel 9905 (cheaper options exist such as http://www.widgetsupply.com/page/WS/PROD/dremel-burr-cutter/D-AM18)
 - Dremel 678-01 Circle Cutter (http://www.amazon.com/Dremel-678-01-Circle-Cutter-Straight/dp/B000HI5WTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333779820&sr=8-1)
 - Dremel cutting disc bit (for cutting metal)
 - Sandpaper to finish lamp base (150 or 220 grit)
 - Hot glue gun and glue sticks
 - (Optional) spray bottle to spray Bourbon on lamp for scent
<p>Thanks,this is a good one,it gives me some ideas.</p>
Great ible, great lamp. minor correction (and i googled it to be sure cause i wasn't certain myself). The flat bottom drill bits are forstner bits.
Thanks so much for catching my typo. I updated step 7. Please let me know if you saw it incorrectly referenced anywhere else. Thanks!
I think there were a few picture references that had it too.
Nice lamp. <br>Great ible. <br>An excellent excuse for the house smelling of bourbon.
Would this instructable work with Rye whiskey??? <br> <br>Kidding, of course. A well-crafted 'ible and a beautiful end product. Cheers!
it's great. I have a lot of empty bottles - now I'll know what to do. Just registered on the site - very pleased. Thank you!
This is so fancy. Love the way the lamp looks, and it smelling like bourbon is a welcome plus. :D

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