Step 12: Install felt on bottom of lamp base

In this step, you will use the self stick to create a surface on the bottom of your lamp that is professional and that will not scratch any surface.

Start by measuring the diameter of your lamp base. Subtract 1/4" and set your compass to half the final calculated diameter. On the back of the felt, using your compass, draw a circle. (note, we want the felt to be 1/8" inset on the bottom so it cannot be seen from the sides).

Using scissors, cut out the circle drawn with your compass. 

Wife off the base bottom with a dry rag to make sure it does not have any dust or grime.

Peel of the backing and affix the sticky side (opposite the felt side) to the bottom of the lamp base being careful to center it properly.

Push on the felt all around the base bottom to make sure it sticks properly.